Week 7 Picks

In Bloomgren, I trust. Florida State’s OL has not been the same since he left Tallahassee.

Week 6 Picks

Syracuse continues to set the standard for terrible OL play, but the defense continues to battle.

Week 4 Picks

Double digits is too heavy of a spread for a Texas defense that hates stopping their opponent’s offense.

Week 3 Picks

“I will not play totals, I will not play totals, I will…not…”

:checks ECU 2019 defensive stats:

Week 2 Picks

Dungy might be a future NFL back up, but it’s tough to put up film when the defense is treating you like a nail on every possession.

Week 1 Randoms

It was announced earlier in the week that UGA’s mascot dog would not be traveling to road games this season. He will be standing guard at the bushes

Week 1 Picks

Army looks great this year and might win by 50 this week, but repeat after me….
I will not bet on a triple option team to win by 3 touchdowns, even if they’re playing ULM

Coastal Carolina vs Kansas

How cool are the RB names in the Big 12? Okie State has a stud named Chuba, and Kansas has a baller named Pooka. And Pooka can run. Pooka can catch.

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